Write From The Heart

Millions of humans around the world want to be famous. Some become politicians, corporate titans, businessmen, professionals and then we have that famous category, writers!

I must admit, that ever since my grade 6 teacher said I wrote reasonably well, I secretly harboured becoming a writer. Went through school, securing decent marks in English. A bug bit me so I attempted a question every sane person avoided. Writing a short story. I remember it well. We were given a few starting words and had to write a story continuing with those words. Damn the Dons in University of Cambridge. India, like all Commonwealth countries offered the “Senior Cambridge” examination along with the local board exams in the sixties. Yeah, I am old!!

The words were “The whistle blew and as I reached the pier, the ship sailed away…..”

I wrote furiously and got a respectable 66% marks! Yahoo!

Since then, I have written love letters, project reports, essays and then came the tough one, writing legalese when I served with a Tribunal in Canada. I am not a lawyer, so it took some time. After writing only 4756 decisions, I figured I could write any bulshit that came to mind.

I digress.

Recently I wrote a post on the morning of April 23, the sixth death anniversary of Mum who breathed her last at the Credit Valley Hospital in the presence of a lovely Nigerian nurse. Yes, we are very multicultural in Canada. My connection will always be strong. Dad passed away in Nairobi Kenya. According to many, it touched them. Thanks guys!

The main reason I started this post was to write about writing from the heart, after reading Michael Murray‘s blog.

Thank you Michael! I owe you one!

Thank you Tabatha Southey for sharing Michael’s post. I will look at cleaning ladies as women who may have trained as a Professional in their home country, working hard while preparing for Canadian accreditation. More power to all who work hard.

Write, write anything you want, but write from the heart.




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