Nova Dance DeepEnd Weekend June 24-25

BharataNatyam, Kathak, Odissi and Bhangra are well known Indian dance forms. Most artists stick to the traditional forms and seldom venture out to change, modify or fuse with other forms.

Then we have those, who, though trained in Classical dance have the courage to break out of the mold and create a new form. There are many names for these forms, I simply call it “Fusion”.

Bharatanatyam is now taught in almost all major cities in Canada and the US. Started typically by women trained in the form and who want to share the joys of dance.

In India, it was normal to teach young girls some form dance and music. Most of my friends hated it! Twist, Jive, Rock n Roll were preferred! Some were even bold enough to train in Waltz!

In the West many of my friends kids have gone for ballet or modern interpretive dance. Some have even trained in Indian classical dance. Highly commendable for a caucasian woman or man to do so.

Artists who are making waves in the “Fusion” category are now more recognized and appreciated. People are flocking to their shows.

In Canada, Nova Bhattacharya and her company Nova Dance are blazing a new trail. Nova is a trained Indian classical dancer and Choreographer who has presented shows with various themes. She also has a wicked sense of humor!

Most recently she had a sold out show in Toronto called “Infinite Storms” which portrayed the pain of a migraine sufferer. Brilliant performance by all the artists.

And now, she is bringing back the #DeepEndWeekend which is a creative multi-disciplinary immersion for artists.It will be at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto on June 24 and 25. Mark you calendars.DeepWeekend


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