infinite storms: dancing about migraine

Brain Storm

Because a migraine attack is such a solitary experience by necessity, because it is so very hard to explain in words, because it can seemingly take over our entire being, and because it is invisible, it can be such an isolating force. Reading about other people’s experiences helps me. Having knowledgeable and caring doctors acknowledge my struggle helps me. Being believed and supported by my friends and family helps me.

But even all of that is sometimes not enough. I want to bear witness to the fact that I am not alone in a tangible way. I want to see it expressed in more than words. Which is why I am so very excited to see choreographer Nova Bhattacharya’s new show “infinite storms.”


Infinite Storms finds ways of making peace with pain

Infinite Storms, January 26-29, 2017 at The Theatre Centre (115 Queen Street West Toronto) featuring award-winning…

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