Parenting in Turbulent Times in a Foreign Land

Ashis Basu Rant on #Parenting

Parenting is a huge challenge wherever one is.

The rapid pace of change makes it a very complex task. Parenthood is about creating a responsible decent person who will go into the world one day. You do not want her or him to become a terrorist or a drug dealer. Its easy for that to happen.

Millions of people are migrating everyday, on the move for various reasons, but principally due to conflict or political turbulence in their home countries. Others chose to leave for better prospects by going through a formal immigration process.

I am one of them who immigrated to Canada. I speak to those who like me immigrated to the West from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Each of one us is born with a set of values and we bring those with us, hoping to preserve those values and pass them on to our children.

Not easy.

Your new environment is totally different from the one you left behind. Everything from the infrastructure to food, the public amenities and so on. Then there is language, if you do not speak the language you are in for a struggle. Jobs are another huge hurdle. Extremely challenging if you have not prepared for it by prior networking. You will most certainly have to accept a role well below that you were in.

Each of the above will impact parenthood.

In the days to come, I will share my own experiences, but today I deal with the cultural clash that happens in every household. From food to clothing to education and then to their love lives.

Will you accept the fact that your darling child is an expert in sexual practices? Many are. Teenage pregnancies are on the rise. Then there is race, will you accept your child dating someone from a different race or religion? Will you accept if he or she is called “FOB” or worse?

Will you accept them talking back to you or telling you to eff off? It does happen.

If you are thinking of immigrating, think seriously.

Will you accept your child being diagnosed with clinical depression? Many teenagers are now on anti-depressants.

Will you accept your child smoking cigarettes or pot and drinking at home?

Do you know where your child is at 2 am? Is he or she carrying a weapon.

I see this everyday in my city and its painful.

All of the above seriously affects organizations and often turns into Human Resource Crisis.

Lets talk. I welcome comments, suggestions or criticism.